Henry, the FLG

————– CHAPTER 1 ————–

Every night at midnight
Long after the mommies said ‘sleep tight’
A little ghost wakes up and leaves the town’s clock tower.

The name of this little ghost is Henry.
As long as he can remember, this is what he does.

Every night Henry visits the town, quietly and alone.

From midnight in the middle of the night
Until one, when the clock strikes once.

Then he goes back to his tower, where he sleeps during the day
’till the next midnight comes to wake him up again.


Like this times go by.
And the nights pass too.
The children play during the day.
About little Henry in the clock tower, they don’t have a clue.

————– CHAPTER 2 ————–

I said Henry was alone at night, but that’s not entirely true.
He does visit some friends, who roam the dark nights too.


Hello Misses Owl, how the moon shines pretty on your beautiful big eyes!
> WHOE OEH Why thank you Henry, I’m just sitting here on my tree, hunting some mice. 

I don’t like mice, Henry said, so I won’t join you for that.
‘Until next time then’, she said, “and say hello to our friend, Mr.Cat!”


Hello Mr. Cat, how are you tonight, with your fluffy fur and whiskered head?
> Purrrr purrrr purrrrfect Henry, just sitting here by myself on my roof, he said and he wiggled his tail left, right,.. tap tap against the roof ledge.

‘Let’s play!’ Henry said and gave the tail a little pull.

‘Hey Henry! Don’t be naughty! You’ll make me fall of the edge!’

Now off you go, leave me be, because cats prefer to be alone,
I wish one day I’ll have a roof all for myself, a roof all of my own!’


In most houses, curtains are closed and everyone’s sleeping in the dark.
But at the baker’s house there’s always light, bright as a fire’s spark.

He’s baking lots of bread and little gingerbread men
and Henry likes to hang around there every now and then.

When a new big bag of flower, soft and white, in the corner of the room, caught his eye.

“POOOOFFFFFFF” and the flour made a cloud of white that filled the room meters high!

Little ghosts are lots of nice but at times a little naughty too and Henry could not resist to jump.

‘Time to leave!’ and he rushed out. “Potverdikke! Not this again!” he heard the Baker grump.


And by the time the clock struck once, Henry was back at the clock tower where he slept during the day ’till the next midnight comes to wake him up again.


Like this times go by.
And the nights pass too.
The children play during the day.
About little Henry in the clock tower, they don’t have a clue.

————– CHAPTER 3 ————–

Although most nights are alike, no nights are the same, that’s guaranteed!
This one night, the moon was blue, which is very unusual indeed!  

Suddenly, the clock stopped ticking and the hands stopped clicking !
The town’s tower was stuck on a time in the afternoon !!
Midnight was not coming back anytime soon…


Henry slept through the night and through the day, slept and slept until he couldn’t sleep no more.

Confused he woke up, with the sun shining and the night long gone.
And in the streets, this time, he was definitely not alone.

————– CHAPTER 4 ————–

Outside in a garden, on the grass in the sun
A mum was putting up laundry, hanging pieces one by one.

Little ghosts are lots of nice and like to play.
Did I already say?

“Let’s make them dance!” He said, and started flying between the washing lines, faster than the blink of an eye!

Making the clothes go up and down, wiggle and twirl and wobble and bounce.

This is fun!! Henry found. And before long – all the clothes were dry!


Much unlike nights, the town was busy and loud, streets filled with lots of people about.

But in one house, it’s always quiet.. old man George sat staring at his tea as he mumbled “There’s no one here but me”.

‘He should get out more!’ Henry decided and cheekily rang his bell.
I hope he hears it, he thought, so he knocked on the door as well!

Well nondeju who’s there?? George yelled when he opened, but saw nobody at his door.

Across the street his neighbour yelled, ‘Don’t be so grumpy’ and made him blush – like no one had ever made him blush before.


Well this is good fun,
visiting the town in the daylight’s sun!

Next to visit was pastor Dean, with his belly well round and his head almost bald.

Who was about to have his coffee, but not before Henry switched his sugar for his salt!

Little ghosts are a little naughty and like to play.
But oh wait.. did I already say?

————– CHAPTER 5 ————–

Although most nights are alike, no nights are the same.
And this day was definitely unlike any night before!

Henry went back to the tower to watch the sun set.
He was quiet sleepy, from all those new adventures, I bet!

It started getting dark so the mommies said ‘sleep tight’
and the daylight was replaced with the town’s evening light.

And in the sky appeared the moon – which was once again…white!!

Like real magic, the clock started ticking again.
Tik tok tik tok tik tok seven eight nine ten!

So you see what this story is here for you to learn.
Sometimes you expect a night but you get a day in return.

And once in a blue moon, little ghost come out during the day.
But don’t be afraid, they’re lots of nice and only want to play.



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