The Discontented Cow

Koe en Boer

drawing by Eva Yeoman

“Boo, boo,”
said the cow.
“Why is the fence being closed again?
I am always locked up
in the big, silent meadow;
Farmer, I also have legs
for walking, just like you!
I would also like to wander once
through the streets of the city,
but you always keep me imprisoned.
Farmer, why are you doing that? “

said the farmer.
“In the meadow you find feed.
Plenty of grass and clover for grazing.
I’ll be back in the evening.
Cow, don’t you forget
that I desire milk from you!
Fat cheese and golden butter
gives the green meadow alone.
In the city lives the butcher!
Say, you don’t want to go there, do you? “

Dorsman and Jac Van der Klei, English version by Eva Yeoman

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